Hello. My name is Lawrence. I have been asked what I'd wished to do in this lifetime, and I believe being able to create and tell a compelling story and being part of something that is evolving us into the next space and time, that is a dream job. 
I believe the world will be a better place if we want it to be. Being a designer today should mean that we are creating meaningful solutions to problems, and connecting people and their relationship with the environment is an integral part that requires our attention.
Design must be more concerned from merely meeting today's market expectations, but to inspire a future that delivers sustainable, social, emotional and economic growth. This requires businesses to balance innovations between value and supply chains within the overall company strategy, which requires patience and commitment. As a design manager and thought leader in design and development I am passionate about brand experience innovation driven through a holistic approach to engage audience in every possible touch-point between product and service systems. I am a disciple to many hats of thinking and am an eager and willing student who genuinely finds satisfaction through knowledge in practice. 
To begin, I enjoy deep collaborations led by sound understanding and observations of the past and present. I am a futurist at heart that likes to hypothesize around various visions prior to committing to the best possible one. I would never walk away from a war worth fighting for, and derive pleasure from making discoveries designing innovations. In this era of high-technology, I believe humanity has an ever more important role to play in leading a path that is 'satisfying to our needs and one that would give meaning to our lives'. We will not work alone, but we will need to align to a high agreement to accomplish this.
As a people leader, I am excited to create synergies of different T-shape minds and capabilities that would direct our possible futures into awesomeness. To nurture excellence of User Experience at its core, I helped evangelized a creative design culture  in both design and technical environments through engagement of design processes, design excellence, governance of attributes in visual brand language, digital and physical product usability, and craftsmanship that drives the product brand experience. I provide leadership and guidance to both strategic innovations and sustaining tactics throughout business road maps in cross-functioning design development teams globally between different regional offices. For an overview of my design experience please visit my LinkedIn profile.     
Creating meaningful product developments is an essential part of the value stream which is part of my day to day as I seek to champion a balance between emotional and functional values out of every design proposition. 
This approach to design does not stop at mere look and feel with styling, but to identify consumer pain points and provide better overall user experiences through innovation in our products. After many years in product design development professional practice, I remain very hands-on in both front-end and back-end processes, sketching continuously and every detail, every millimeter matters.
Growing up between Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto, and Shenzhen has made me a global citizen where I have inevitably embedded deep East and West cultural empathy that I apply to design. My past decade spent in Shenzhen and Hong Kong has given me incredible exposure to cities of 'making' and understanding production in a global scale. Projects I have encountered in Asia has also been wide ranging between corporate and independent worlds in areas of utility housewares, sporting apparel, electrical appliances, consumer electronics, fashion jewelry, high-end audio to automotive and pet goods. I am also an active design educator and find sharing knowledge a great way to learn also. I periodically guest lecture in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design where I also obtained my graduate degree in Master of Innovation Design Strategies.
Look forward to hearing from you, you can find me here: lawrence@lawrencechu.com 

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